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– Jason Hunter, Owner

We here at The Creaky Shed in Greenwich pride ourselves on bringing our customers the freshest local & seasonal produce available.

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Located off the beaten-track on Royal Hill SE10 we have been supplying the local community with fresh locally sourced fruit & vegetables since 2002.

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Free Home Delivery

We have a wide choice of fresh fruit & veg boxes for delivery. Any combination of fruit & veg can be arranged so get in touch!

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Seasonal is always special!

Seasonal is something to be treasured and we make sure we do that to its fullest at The Creaky Shed.

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The Creaky Shed is the only local Greengrocer in Greenwich.

We’ve been supplying the local community with fresh, locally sourced fruit & vegetables since 2002.

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  • I've been using Jason's services for over ten years now. The Creaky Shed fruit and veg is simply stunning in quality - I never use a supermarket for my fruit and veg, always get my box of the best from Jason!
    Tom Brooks
  • Delicious, you really can taste the difference. I get my fruit and vegetables from The Creaky Shed, not to mention my fresh flowers, herbs, jams, marmalades... I even get my gourmet cookies from Jason!
    Katie Peters

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